Benefit Census Survey

Benefits Census Survey
If Craig HomeCare offered an affordable health insurance plan, where would you MOST LIKELY select your coverage from? (You are NOT making a commitment to purchase or waive coverage but if you do not choose the CHC plan and then enroll during open enrollment you may need to complete a health questionnaire at that time).

If we do select a plan that is considered affordable by ACA standards we will no longer offer the Full Time Bonus of $150/month and you will not be eligible to access any subsidies for plans on the federal exchange. Please keep this in mind when analyzing where you may be accessing coverage effective 3/1/17.

If you selected that you ARE LIKELY to purchase health insurance through Craig HomeCare, who would you be enrolling? Complete ALL information below for any dependents you MIGHT enroll in the coverage.

Please list Dependents. Use the "Add" button at the bottom to add additional dependents.

You must complete the BCBS Health Questionnaire for you and any dependents listed above by December 12th, 2016. To complete the BCBS Health Questionnaire online, please visit Blue Cross Blue Shield and enter the 3 digit code 554. If you would like to receive a paper copy of the Health Questionnaire to complete, please contact HR as soon as possible at 888-260-9990 ext 801.

Thank you for your help during this process!

Expect to hear from us in early 2017 with further details!